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Back in Action Physical Therapy

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About Us

Dr. Erickson performing rehab on a patient

"Restore. Maintain. Optimize" - Claire C.

If you need help recovering from surgery or chronic pain, or if you've suffered a sports injury and need to be active again quickly, Back In Action Physical Therapy can help. Specializing in complex rehabilitation challenges for those with various physical therapy needs, we welcome patients of all ages and abilities. Whether you struggle with everyday physical challenges or you're an elite athlete with a specific injury, we will speed your recovery and improve your health.

Back In Action is an out patient private practice facility located in The Two Rivers Health Center. Our physical therapy program offers unique resources for a more complete, long-term recovery in a relaxing, healing environment. Back In Action offers physical therapy and a phase 2 program where clients can continue their rehab process in our 24 hour facility.

Our personnel includes doctors of physical therapy and athletic trainers. Our facility has been involved in the community for greater than 25 years!

We accept most forms of insurance, including medical, auto accident, and workers compensation.


It is the mission of Back in Action Rehab to provide one on one therapy by licensed therapists who will perform the evaluation and treatments from start to finish.

We strive to empower the client by teaching them the skills necessary to remain pain free!

What Happens in Physical Therapy?

At your first appointmment, we'll assess your condition and establish goals. Next, our experienced team of professionals will work with you to develop a personalized, medically-based program that meets your therapeutic needs. Depending on your needs and preferences, therapy may include precise evaluations, hands-on techniques, therapeutic exercise training, and alternative therapies.

No matter what your goals are, your treatment will be designed to enhance your strenth, flexibility, and mind-body awareness. This will help you gain a more balanced state of wellness and restore your body to its full potential. Our experienced, caring team of professionals will be there to assist and motivate you along the way.

Once you meet your therapy goals, we encorage continued education and care. Your physical therapist may recommend work with a personal trainer or suggest other activities to maintain your new state of wellness.

Back in Action services include:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Phase 2 Program

Contact Us:

Back in Action Physcial Therapy
1819 2nd Ave NW
Faribault, MN 55021
Phone: (507) 334-5627
Fax: (507) 334-1824